MA Program Global Governance & Cultural Diplomacy

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MA Program Global Governance & Cultural Diplomacy Empty MA Program Global Governance & Cultural Diplomacy

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By studying Cultural Diplomacy in conjunction with global governance, students will gain a deep comprehension of this progressive academic field, which is rapidly taking on a greater significance and relevance in the contemporary global arena.

The Key Objectives of the program are:
• To offer a comprehensive outline of the history and development of the concept of global governance, and analyze the different theories that pertain to its implementation.
• To explore the growing field of Cultural Diplomacy, and to demonstrate how it is utilized in the foreign policy frameworks of nation states, the private sector and civil society.
• To provide the foundation for an in-depth understanding of the theory and realities of the process of globalization and its impact on the contemporary interdependent world, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between Cultural Diplomacy and global governance.
• To facilitate a sound appreciation of the political, economic and cultural pillars upon which sustainable interdependent international relations are based, and to explore how these factors can influence the practices of global governance and Cultural Diplomacy.
• To examine how the evolution of global governance since the rise of globalization has necessitated the widening of research and practitioners in this field, and how theories of global governance can be practically applied in many different international arenas.

The main benefits of this MA program are:
• A core curriculum of global governance and Cultural Diplomacy courses, taught from an inter-disciplinary approach encompassing political, economical, social and cultural influences on the two emerging fields.
• Access to an expert faculty with vast experience in international politics, diplomacy and economics, allowing students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work in a complex global environment.
• The opportunity to obtain expertise in Cultural Diplomacy and global governance, both rapidly growing and increasingly important fields within the public sector, private sector and civil society.
• An exclusive and specific program that will provide significant advantages to students in the political arena compared to students who obtain a broader MA in International Relations.
• During the “Professional Development” segment of the MA, students will be able to create and implement their own programs of Cultural Diplomacy and global governance, and experience how the knowledge they have gained can be effectively applied in the professional world. This also provides the relevant professional experience and contacts that can assist students in preparing for their future careers.
• Access to all ICD events and programs around the world, providing students with access to prominent experts in the field including various Heads of State, Ministers, and CEOs.
• The high quality of the curriculum and faculty provided by the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies will provide appropriate preparation for students’ evolving careers in academia as well as in the international, public and private sectors.
• All MA students are invited to support and participate in ICD conferences and events throughout the course of their studies. This provides experience and contacts that will prove quite valuable in the professional development of the students.


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